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How Caring Adults Can Inspire Children To Succeed And Thrive
Pam Farkas, L.C.S.W.     Jerry Binder, Ph. D.     Barrie Richter, B.A.
RESILIENT CHILDREN is now available for parents and 
                    professionals to purchase.          DOWNLOAD HERE
Just like adults, children have to cope with unexpected problems and difficulties like:
RESILIENT CHILDREN provides the principles, strategies and techniques to help children to develop the necessary strengths and skills to thrive in a dynamic world filled with opportunities and challenges. This is a phenomenal resource for those who teach and work with children. It will undoubtedly have a lasting impact for our children and the resilience of our communities.
~Laurence E. Jackson, M.D.
RESILIENT CHILDREN has OVER 100+ activities for parents, grandparents, teachers, counselors,  psychologists or any adult to develop a positive outlook for children today.
  • making new friends
  • resisting bullying
  • solving a problem
  • expressing feelings
  • divorce
RESILIENT CHILDREN is a fun and educational resource to teach kids how to survive and thrive in the face of these problems and more. 

This book offers parents and professionals raising and working with children simple ways to develop key resiliency skills in elementary school age children (K-6.)

With clearly written and easy to do step-by-step lessons, adults can quickly help to develop self-confidence, compassion and empathy in children with this activity guide. 
  • poverty
  • family turmoil
  • abuse
  • fitting-in at school
  • social acceptance
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What is resiliency and what are the key skills for a child to know? 
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  • Learning activities that promote competency, self confidence, and optimism

  • Skill-building exercises that are age-appropriate for children from 5-12

  • Ways to fortify children against the hassles and difficulties of everyday life

  • Activities based on the many different ways that children learn--verbally, artistically, physically, visually, and musically

  • A "tool box" of personal strengths and skills

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