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What Is Resiliency?
Resiliency is the ability to overcome adversity and to bounce back in the face of difficulty, challenge, and stress. It is what allows a child to successfully resist bullying, have a strong sense of self-awareness and communicate with others in a healthy way. 

In RESILIENT CHILDREN, three clinicians and educators combine evidence-based research with their expertise and experience to guide adults in how to fortify, inspire and empower children with six fundamental skills of resiliency.
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Pam Farkas, L.C.S.W.     Jerry Binder, Ph. D.     Barrie Richter, B.A.
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How Caring Adults Can Inspire Children To Succeed And Thrive
The Six Skills Of Resiliency
The six resiliency skills are protective factors that address the risk factors that negatively impact a child’s life. Each section in the book consists of different skill building exercises that can be done one-on-one, in pairs, or as a small or large group with children. 

The resiliency skills can be used in any order. If a child seems to have difficulty making friends, then start with Friendship Skills. If a child is being bullied, then you would want to begin with Anti-Bullying Skills.

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