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About the Authors
With deep experience in psychology, social science and education the authors of RESILIENT CHILDREN aim to help children develop an enhanced capacity for resiliency.
Pam Farkas, L.C.S.W.
Pam is a prominent educator, public speaker and psychotherapist. Through her Hope and Help educational programs, she works with educators, mental health professionals, organizations, parents and students to increase public awareness of youth depression, suicide prevention and the positive factors that empower children and adults to be resilient and to live healthy fulfilling lives. Pam is the Director of the Dr. Jordan M. Farkas Foundation, a Board Member of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and serves on the Survivors After Suicide Advisory Board of Didi Hirsch Community Mental Health Center. Pam is also a Committee Member of the Friends of the Semel Institute at UCLA.
Email: Pam@Resilientchildren.info
Phone: 818 503-3600
Jerry Binder, Ph.D. is a social and behavioral scientist, author and distinguished educator. He synthesizes information from research in lifespan growth and development into programs that address vital mental health issues for adults and children. He has been a dedicated advocate for youth, beginning his career at the Hathaway-Demille Children’s Village and later consulting to the Economic and Youth Opportunities Agency in Los Angeles. Jerry has designed programs for Head Start mothers and for interfaith grandparenting. Currently, he teaches courses in the Extension division of UCLA and UCI, and the Emeritus Institute at Saddleback College.
"This manual is a phenomenal resource for those who teach and work with children. It will 
                              have a lasting 
                            impact for our 
                             children and 
                                the "resilience" 
            of our communities.” 

~Laurence E. 
Jackson, M.D.
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Pam Farkas, L.C.S.W.     Jerry Binder, Ph. D.     Barrie Richter, B.A.
Inspire a child today!
How Caring Adults Can Inspire Children To Succeed And Thrive
Jerry Binder, Ph.D.
Email: Jerry@Resilientchildren.info
Phone: 818 503-3600

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