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Are you among the many caring adults who fulfill an important role in a child’s life?

If so, the book, RESILIENT CHILDREN, is a valuable resource for you to use to empower and fortify children with sound foundational skills for navigating everyday life challenges competently, flexibly and successfully.

Are you a parent, educator, grandparent, home school teacher, foster parent, mentor, psychotherapist or social worker?

RESILIENT CHILDREN is a perfect resource for any parent or professional working with children and is available for download right now at Scribd or for order from the publisher.

RESILIENT CHILDRENHow Caring Adults Can Inspire Children To Succeed And Thrive, provides adults with various skill building activities on six key skills that are the essential building blocks of resiliency for children in Kindergarten through 6th grade.
Available from Llumina Press,  order copies on line for yourself or as a gift for someone who works with children!
Want to try it before you buy it? Download the Tutorial to check out several free activities for grades K - 6.
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Inspire a child today!
Pam Farkas, L.C.S.W.     Jerry Binder, Ph. D.     Barrie Richter, B.A.
How Caring Adults Can Inspire Children To Succeed And Thrive
What Do You Get In The Book?
  • Over 75+ exercises for 
       children (K - 6th)
  • Exercises that can be done 
        at home, in the classroom, 
        in therapy sessions or anywhere
  • Lesson plans to use one-on-one 
        or in a group
  • Easily identifiable exercises to 
        help you focus on specific resiliency
  • Overview on how developing resiliency is vital to a child's foundation

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