The Four A's Of Resiliency
How do the Four A's build to the six skills? The four A’s of resiliency are:
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How To Use The Book
Just like adults, children have to cope with unexpected problems and difficulties. Some of these life stressors could be from poverty, family turmoil, divorce, abuse, homelessness, chronic illness, or bullying. Or it could be trying to make a new friend, solving a problem, expressing feelings or resisting bullying. All adults can use the book, RESILIENT CHILDREN, as an educational tool for their child’s personal development.
How To Use The Skill Building Exercises
The learning activities in this book can be done informally at home, in a park, a classroom, a therapy session or wherever you choose. The book is divided into three separate sections by grade and age: 
  • Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades (ages 5 through 7) 
  • 3rd and 4th grades (ages 8 through 9)
  • 5th and 6th grades (ages 10 through 12)

Each skill building exercise is divided into five sections: 
  • Main Idea: states the essential concept that is being taught
  • Teaching Points: support and elaborate on the Main Idea
  • Materials: items needed to complete the Learning Activity
  • Learning Activity: the actual experience in which the child or children will participate
  • Discussion: questions to promote insight and reinforcement from the Learning Activity
  • Attitude—a secure sense of self, anchored in ideas and belief
  • Ability—a repertoire of skills that are developed and strengthened
  • Achievement—a rewarding sense of personal accomplishment 
  • Affect—the pleasurable emotions of well-being and confidence 
Pam Farkas, L.C.S.W.     Jerry Binder, Ph. D.     Barrie Richter, B.A.
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