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Let The Kids Guide You
Each key skill has at least one “Kid” to accompany children as they progress through the skill building lessons. Each of the “kids” are appropriately aged based on the grade/age of the three sections. 
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The Skills
Self-Awarenss Skills are about developing a 
"response-ability" to feelings, beliefs, values, hopes 
and strengths. SAM accompanies children as they 
learn that they are unique in how they grow, learn 
and thrive, and at the same time how they share similarities with others. This is essential for 
developing self-respect, self-esteem and confidence.
Emotions Skills includes the skills of recognizing and expressing emotions and developing a vocabulary of 
feeling words. These skills are integral to the complex processes of socialization, enriching individual identity 
and promoting self-esteem. EMMA can help children 
learn that feelings are natural, and are neither right 
nor wrong. 
Self-Awareness Skills are indispensable in everyday
 life. Sometimes communicating is asking for help in 
situations that involve health, safety and saving a life. 
As communication skills develop, resiliency is 
strengthened, and a child is increasingly more adept 
at handling life situations. CASSIE helps to teach these 
skills to children.
Conflict Solution Skills are needed to 
solve conflict situations peacefully and 
cooperatively builds self-confidence and the
 ability to manage differences verbally rather 
than by hurtful actions. Some specific positive 
skills that children can learn from CAMERON & 
STEVE for solving conflicts are cooperation, empathy, appreciating differences, active listening, and impulse control.
Anti-Bullying Skills are necessary to build a resistance against harassment, physical intimidation and verbal
 threats. ANSON acts as a guide to thisframework for 
children to identify the differences between bullying and teasing and to develop appropriate responses to such behaviors. These learning activities help children focus
 on the boundaries between appropriate and inappropriate, 
and playful and hurtful behavior.

Friendship Skills are fundamental for social and emotional development. A resilient child is well liked by peers, is emotionally adjusted, and less inclined to
 engage in aggressive behaviors. FRANK & FAYE 
guide children as they learn how to interact with 
others, how to value friendships, and what 
expectations to have about friends.
“I commend whole-heartedly your work to help children to develop a healthy and wholesome sense of self with a high degree of resiliency for the life situations they can encounter. The tools you have developed will be a great asset to parents, teachers and other adults to assist children when they are struggling.”

~ William F. Condon, 
M.A., Pastor
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